How to Win at JetX Crash Game

SmartSoft Gaming developed the JetX online slot machine. This arcade game allows gamblers to hit the maximum multiplier and win a three-level jackpot. The popularity of JetX draws led the winners to describe a strategy that would help beginners win as well. And if you use JetX predictor, then in this case the gameplay is not only interesting but also more successful.

How does JetX work, and what are the winning offers?

JetX or, as it is called, airplane, is an online money game. Of course, you can play for free in demo mode, but this option will not bring you real winnings. You will see jet aircraft tests on the playing field. His animated model rises to several levels of height and explodes at an arbitrary point. As you go up, the coefficient by which your bet per spin will be multiplied increases. A special program, JetX predictor v2, will help to successfully provide a high coefficient.

The meaning of the game is to catch the moment with the maximum coefficient and have time to withdraw money before the plane explodes. Your winnings will be formed by multiplying the bet amount by the coefficient. If the plane crashes before the withdrawal of money, the bet is completely burned out. The plane could explode at any moment. The fall does not depend on the odds or the time of the round. The player must be careful and reasonably place bets. However, the JetX predictor download will provide the gamer with some kind of insurance.

The gameplay offers 2 modes of withdrawing money:

  • Manually – you observe the flight and use the appropriate button at the right time.
  • Automatic – you set the coefficient that you want to achieve or consider appropriate and less risky, at the moment when JetX reaches it, the money will be withdrawn.

In addition to direct winnings, you can get one or all of the jackpots in three levels:

  • Planet.
  • Galaxy.
  • Space.

You can get a jackpot that will increase your winnings at a random point in each level. However, the jackpot may not appear. This is pure randomness generated by a random number generator.

What are the most effective winning strategies in JetX?

Visitors to online gambling halls strive to develop winning strategies to win a big prize for sure. Given that the multipliers in JetX are high, and the bet size can be up to €100, the maximum payout, excluding jackpots, can be up to €30,000. This amount is worth the risk. Players can secure improved chances for rewards. To do this, you can JetX predictor v2 download.

The main recommendations in the game from experienced players:

  • JetX does not have a set RTP or volatility, so you cannot rely on them when betting. It is better to focus on the control of current coefficients.
  • You can bet twice in one round. The first time – a big bet on a low multiplier, the second time – a low bet on a large multiplier. This is how the strategy of two re-wins works, and in addition, if two wins in a row do not play, you can keep the balance of the game account.
  • The Martingale strategy (doubling the amount of each subsequent bet) can work, but it is prohibited in some online casinos, and besides, it shows unstable results.
  • Use auto-withdrawal if you are a beginner and are afraid to get confused by constantly changing odds. Demo slots have been developed to get your hands on a risk-free withdrawal. In them, you can train the speed of reaction and identify the success of a particular strategy.
  • Place large bets and withdraw them at the minimum odds allowed for you, which – albeit not by much – can increase the initial amount. This strategy can fail because the minimum withdrawal coefficient is x1.35, but the plane can explode even at the x1 multiplier. So you will lose a large amount.

Another important tip is not to follow the actions of other players. You can see how some quickly withdraw winnings, while others drag out the game. This can affect your behavior and deviate from balanced plans. Focus and follow your own decision on how to play the prank. You can also JetX predictor download PC.


JetX online slot is a modern crash game that offers the chance to win up to 30,000 Euros. To successfully realize your bankroll in the slot and get a win, use the strategies we have proposed. You can preview them in the demo version of Jet X.Experts in the game recommend making average bets and withdrawing them with average odds, not risking up to the maximum multipliers, but rationally withdrawing money when the bet amount is already exceeded.

Don’t try to win back if you lose. In addition, players can JetX predictor v2 download PC, in which case the program will minimize the chances of losing. Get full pleasure from risk and control the funds on your gaming account.

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