About Jetx casino game

JetX is an innovative slot crash machine, released on 24.01.2019 by Smartsoft Gaming studio. It is a game with an interesting but simple plot, a lot of options allowing for flexible betting. The most popular feature of the JetX game is the high level of winnings. The main goal of the JetX crash game is to collect your prize before the plane crashes. The payout increases steadily from the beginning of the round, but if you don’t make it before the crash, the bet is lost completely. Simplicity and constantly thrilling gameplay have made the game one of the most popular at online casinos. 

Though there is no cap for the potential reward, the game is still all about risk. That is why it is important to pay attention to different betting strategies and tips, which will be described later. Following those simple rules may help win big rewards in real cash.

What makes JetX stand out among other games:

  1. High quality graphics and visuals;
  2. Highly customizable auto cash out options;
  3. Near infinite possible multiplier;
  4. Absolute randomness of the result;
  5. Convenient and uncluttered user interface;
  6. Potentially high payout;
  7. Support for different currencies.

How to play JetX for real money

Every JetX round starts with making a bet. In this game, bets are made on the number that is reached during the round. After the game starts, a plane starts rising and its “height” shows the multiplier – the higher the plane goes the bigger is the payout. The point is that the results often depend on sheer luck. The main objective of the game is to click the cash out button before the plane crashes. Players can choose to make up to two simultaneous bets, each can be cashed out individually on different multipliers. Wagering on JetX is very simple and takes only a few steps:

  1. Enter the amount of cash into a special field in the bottom-central part of the screen;
  2. Click the “Place your bet for next round” button;
  3. Click the cash out button in order to withdraw the reward before the plane crashes.

Making a JetX bet is actually an intricate and flexible game mechanic that can involve a lot of strategy. The auto-play option can be set to automatically withdraw on a specific multiplier. Many players prefer to use this feature for different betting strategies, due to the set of specific benefits in comparison to the manual mode.

The advantages of autoplay in Jetx:

  1. The gameplay doesn’t stop;
  2. Automation of bets;
  3. Flexible settings;
  4. Available for double bets.

Betting strategies in JetX: how to win and what tactics are better

Players have always tried to develop strategies and tactics that increase their chances of winning or getting a big prize. Considering that the JetX game has high multipliers, and a single bet can be up to 600 euros, the maximum payouts reach large values.

Experienced players recommend paying close attention to the size of the odds, because the machine doesn’t have a set level of RTP (percentage of theoretical payout) and volatility.

It is possible to make 2 bets within a single round. Therefore the strategy aimed at achieving 2 simultaneous winnings is effective. It consists of the first high bet on a small multiplier and the second small bet on a high multiplier. If at least one of the bets wins in a round, the player in most cases will break even, since the first bet is very likely to win.

The classic tactic is “Martingale”, which implies doubling the bet size until the winning, and then returning it to the initial level.

Why employ strategies for JetX betting:

  1. Overall efficiency for crash games;
  2. Possibly major increase of payout;
  3. Safety from big losses;
  4. The strategies are time proven and do work.

Tips for playing JetX in casino

Playing this crash game in a casino is usually very simple and straightforward, but in order to play more efficiently, it is advisable to pay attention to some simple tips. Those are common principles that can greatly help while playing the 2022 Jet X game in every top online casino. Following those tips is advised to every gambler, who wants to win in this game and play safely:

  • Keep patience and avoid exceeding your bet limits. It is very easy to get overzealous while betting, but this is the best way to lose everything.
  • Use autoplay as much as possible. This mode is very convenient and assists in automating different strategies.
  • Make use of the casino’s JetX login bonus. Many casinos offer special welcome bonuses that can be used with this game. This can help one to receive even more winnings with less risk.

Even the seasoned crash game players pay attention to those tips, because those are provided by professional gamblers and experts with many years of experience. But the main advice that every gambler should follow is to employ different betting strategies, since most of them are easy to follow and offer very efficient means of multiplying the potential reward.

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